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Automated Payroll Process Flowchart I

Automated Payroll Process Flowchart II

Information Needs in the Human Resource Business Process

Approve headcount

  • In many organizations approved headcount is a key tool for controlling labour cost.
  • For example, a supervisor wishing to increase headcount must prepare the necessary paperwork to identify and justify the need for a new position.
  • There is an extensive review process that requires the division manager, area controller, and executive vice president to approve the request.
  • Only when all these approvals are obtained can the position be opened for hiring

Hire employees

  • Organizations continue to need professional, support staff, and technical personnel in today’s competitive, advanced business environment.
  • Individuals agree to work in exchange for wages, benefits, and other rewards.
  • Hiring is the process of matching the skills and interests of people with the needs of the organization.
  • Important in the hiring process is an accurate description of the organization’s needs. Not only must accurate projections be made of the number of individuals needed, but also organizations must develop job descriptions and skill requirements associated with each job position. Those responsible for hiring use the job descriptions and skill requirements as a basis for selecting new hires.